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Organic Chemistry

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Chemical Biology

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We work to advance biotechnology and medicine by combining organic chemistry, chemical biology, and biomaterials.

Our lab strives to maintain a collegial and inclusive environment where people treat each other with civility and respect.



Tushar Aggarwal receives his PhD degree by successfully defending his thesis "Expanding the Natural Functions of Biomolecules: Polymerase Redesign & New Advances in RNA- and Lipid-based Redox Biosensors (An Enchanting Odyssey of Biomolecule Engineering)". Tushar's multifaceted skill set in chemical biology and passion has made significant advancements to our research program. In addition to being tremendously productive in research and mentoring, he also played key roles in building inclusive and supportive environments, not only within the group, but also across the department. Well-deserved congratulations on your many accomplishments, and best wishes for your future odysseys.

Nitrative stress, a dysregulated redox condition of excessive peroxynitrite generation, can damage lipid membranes and cause pro-inflammatory pathways associated with a number of pathologies, including fibrosis. We now report in iScience a designer phospholipid that makes it possible to observe nitrative stress in lipid environments. This study, conducted in collaboration with the labs of Andrew Gow and Debra Laskin (Rutgers Pharmacy), is also highlighted in the special issue of "Artificial Membranes".

Izgu lab receives funding from Rutgers TechXpress to further study small molecule-nucleic acid interactions. We are thankful for the support and determined to push forward in this exciting research program.

E. C. Izgu gives a talk in the annual International Chemical Biology Society conference held in Michigan. Somewhat cold weather, but a very warm group of great scientists, each sharing a passion of impactful interdisciplinary research. In the RNA biology program, Izgu presents major research accomplishments of the folks in the team.


Bryan Gutierrez receives his PhD degree by successfully defending his thesis titled "Functional Lipids and RNA: Synthetic Biology and Next Generation Diagnostics". Bryan contributed so much through his talents in synthetic organic chemistry. Our lab celebrates this big achievement and appreciates Bryan's major efforts in establishing the lab and training many junior fellows. We all wish you the best in your next steps.

Hakan and Aditya receive awards for their outstanding research progress, dedication to scientific education, and service at theUndergraduate Research Symposium - Jean Wilson Day!

Hakan is recognized by the David and Dorothy Bernstein Endowed Scholarship for Academic Excellence in the Field of Chemistry; Van Dyke Award for Excellence in Chemistry Course Support.

Aditya is recognized by the Cox Cancer Research Fellowship; Wright Rieman Award for Highest Achievement in an Organic Chemistry Laboratory; Peter F.E. Marapodi Endowed Scholarship; CCB Undergraduate Service Award.

The Izgu Lab shares major research milestones in the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Indianapolis. E. C. Izgu presents at two divisions: Biomaterials and Biointerfaces (Mar 27); Biological Chemistry (Mar 30). Liming also presents at the Division of Biological Chemistry (Mar 30). Always excited to meet with people who have passion for and curiosity in science, to reconnect with friends, and take new initiatives for potential collaborations. Stay tuned and check out for more in the upcoming symposia.

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Liming wins the Krishnamurthy Award, which recognizes a student for an outstanding publication or thesis in synthetic organic chemistry. Congratulations Liming!


Liming wins best poster award in the “Into the Lipidverse” symposium held by the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research. May the power of lipids be with you, Liming!

The Kwiatek et al. collaborative work with George Carman's Lab (Rutgers Center for Lipid Research) titled "Phosphatidic acid mediates the Nem1-Spo7/Pah1 phosphatase cascade in yeast lipid synthesis" has been published in Journal of Lipid Research, Check it out! Congratulations Joanna, Bryan (Izgu Lab), Gil-Soo, and George!

E. C. Izgu presents research for the special symposium Frontiers of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology in the American Chemical Society, Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting. Pleased to be a part of a great line-up of speakers from academia and industry, and having the opportunity to listen to many exciting talks all across chemistry.

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Huseyin's collaborative work with Bryan and Rhia on probing cellular nitrosative stress receives funding from the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research. Congrats Huseyin!

Izgu lab receives a major commercialization grant through a parent National Institutes of Health’s Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hub (REACH) award from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to Rutgers. This highly competitive grant has been selected by the Rutgers HealthAdvance program, which focuses on advancing innovative technologies with translational potential. For more details check out the Departmental News and the Rutgers Research – HealthAdvance highlight.

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Bryan receives Rieman Award, given by the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology to recognize graduate students for excellence in undergraduate teaching. Congrats Bryan!  


Bryan's research proposal on the investigation of lipid membrane reactivity in diseased cells receives funding from the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research. Congrats Bryan! 

A highly configurable RNA-based imaging technology that Tushar is developing leads to a provisional patent. Congrats Tushar, and thanks to the Rutgers ORED and NIH for supporting this technology.

E. C. Izgu receives the NIH, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) Trailblazer Award. The NIH / NIBIB Trailblazer Award is a great opportunity for early-stage investigators to pursue high-impact research programs of high interest to the NIH and NIBIB at the interface of the life and physical sciences. We are thrilled to have this recognition from the NIH for our ongoing efforts in building bioorthogonal platforms to investigate aberrant metabolic pathways and how pathogenesis originates in the cell. For details and highlights, check out the Departmental News and Rutgers Newsletter, The Current.

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Izgu Lab and Biological Mimetics, Inc. (BMI) join forces to combat viral pathogens that are extremely potent and easily transmissible. BMI is a biopharma company specializing on the development of vaccines against severe viruses that affect humans.

The Yildirim et al. (Bob Kingston Lab, HMS) collaborative work titled "S-Phase enriched non-coding RNAs regulate gene expression and cell cycle progression" has been published in Cell Reports.

The lab receives Research Grants Program Award from the New Jersey Health Foundation, which will support our studies on the prevention and eradication of biofilms. 

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Bryan's research proposal on the investigation of lipid membrane reactivity in diseased cells receives funding from the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research. Congrats Bryan! 


The next-generation material surface functionalization technology that Zhaojun (John) Jia is developing leads to a provisional patent. Congrats John, and thanks to the Rutgers ORED for supporting our technology. Update: PCT application filed in Dec 2020.

Bryan receives best poster award in the “Lipids in Health and Disease” symposium held by the Rutgers Center for Lipid Research. Congratulations Bryan!

A team of Rutgers faculty including E. C. Izgu receives funding from the Chancellor's Office of Rutgers for the in vitro design and in vivo implementation of synthetic cells.

The lab receives Charles and Johanna Busch Biomedical Grant Award. Thanks to the Rutgers, Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) for supporting our research.

E. C. Izgu receives the American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant
Early Investigator Award.
This award is complemented with additional funds from
the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Thanks to both ACS and CINJ for supporting our research!

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