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Chem 308: Organic Chemistry II

This is an introductory organic chemistry course offered to students who have completed Chem 307: Organic Chem I. Studying reaction mechanisms and effectively using visual thinking and spatial learning skills are key to success.

Chem 482: Chemical Biology

Chem 544: Special Topics in Biological Chemistry

This is a single course with two codes, offered to both advanced undergraduate students (Chem 482) and graduate students (Chem 544). In this course, students learn how molecular tools are designed and implemented to investigate, mimic, or manipulate biological systems. The role of chemistry in biological research is described through the lens of a chemist using the contemporary scientific literature.

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2019 – We were delighted to host Emmanuel F. R. Iglesias from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus.

Emmanuel Iglesias_RISE poster.jpg

Emmanuel and Bryan

Emmanuel Iglesias_poster award.png

He also won an award for his research at the 2019 Annual Biomedical Research Conferences. Congrats Emmanuel!

2018 – It was a joy to work with Thaybeth from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She was our first RISE student! 

With Thaybeth-1.jpeg

Anton, Bhavya, Tushar, Thaybeth, Enver, Bryan, Hsu-Chun, Kyle

Our lab is proud to work with the American Chemical Society to provide research experience to high school students.

ACS Project SEED picture.png
Maha and Naiya_lab picture_Aug 2023_IMG_6859_edited.jpg

2023 – Maha Akther (left) and Naiya Bharvad (right) works on the purification of chemically modified ATP for bioimaging applications. They also worked on miRNA diagnostics and learned a number of new techniques. Congratulations for a productive and successful summer research! 

2022 – Mei Kim, who we enjoyed working with over the summer, successfully completed her research training on lipid chemistry. We wish Mei the very best for her future studies. 

2019 – It was a pleasure to mentor two students, Aisha Mansoor and Muhammad Sharaf. All the best with your future endeavors.

2018 – We thank our first high schooler, Anton Krotenok, for his efforts in the lab. He is a real STEM enthusiast – way to go! 

Visual arts and nature-inspired chemistry help the young minds view science from an artistic angle. By sharing the pallet of our colorful chemistry and describing thought provoking chemical processes, we aim to raise interest in STEM.

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